Countess Wear School – Exeter

This project was to design and create a class room for the Forest School in Exeter. It comprises of a kitchen, toilet and a classroom facility, with a large covered deck area designed for outdoor teaching. This was an inspiring project to work on due to the level of enthusiasm from both the school staff and their pupils. The project even resulted in a school trip to our timber yard where the pupils each signed the logs personally that were used in the construction of the classroom.

It was a great privilege to educate the next generation about the benefits of an eco- friendly log cabin.

We will have more photos to post when the school has completed the project.The project so far…..


The Classroom being scribed and pieced together at Canada Wood forest yard.Yes, it really is that muddy!


The school taking delivery of their new classroom after it was taken down piece by piece and then re-assembled on site.


The first layer of timber being placed on its pre-prepared based.


The classroom in its final resting place.

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